The central avenue extending from the Gate of Light to the east, with a width of 16 metres (with a 2 metre park in between) and a length of about 200 metres, i.e. with a width of each of the two corridors of 7 metres, was named “Avenue of Benefactors”.
On the two outer sides of the Avenue will be placed on pedestals carved with floral ornaments, marble adriantes, about 3 meters high, of historical figures or of the Benefactors themselves, who with their excellent zeal expressed their interest in financing the cost of the statue.

The statue can be engraved with their own appearance in head and body shape or the appearance of a person of their family environment, or a historical personality of their choice.The cost of each marble Adriant with its base has been set at amounts that are detailed on the side of the appearance of each Adriant.

The marble base will be engraved with the name of the person depicted, the name and status of the benefactor or historical person, as well as a code number. The code number, digitized, clicked on the computer, presents the biography of the Benefactor at

The Adriant will remain permanently in place on Benefactors’ Avenue, while its maintenance will be carried out by the special technical staff of Heptapolis, every two or three times every fifty years.


The marble andriants, in length, width and height described in detail on the page of each statue, are placed along the Avenue of Benefactors as well as in the streets and squares of Heptapolis.


Cost of andriant in marble, up to 3 m. height:
from 200.000 euros to 1.600.000 euros.

Cost of andriant in brass, up to 3 m. height:
from 250.000 euros to 1.700.000 euros.



The total cost of each sponsorship includes:

The cost of construction of the Art Project, Petras, or Plakas.

The cost of the construction of the pedestal supporting the Art Project with engraved inscription of the Sponsor’s data.

The packaging and transportation of the Art Project to the warehouse of the Municipality of Levadeon.

The transfer of the Art Project from the Municipality of Levades to HEPTAPOLIS.

The placement of the Art Project in the selected permanent installation site, including the technical and crane support of the project.

The installation of the Work of Art in the HEPTAPOLIS site, insured for the first 100 years, and its survival over the centuries in the site of the installation.

Rental coverage of the Art Project’s installation space for the first 100 years.

The preservation of the Art Project from the impacts of weather conditions or illegal human interventions, for the first 100 years.

The installation on the page at sublink “MARMARINE BIBLE OF SPONSORS-BENEFACTORS”, of the biography of the Sponsor up to 333 words, in two languages, one of which is chosen by the Sponsor.

The indefinite retention, with a minimum period of the first 100 years, of the Sponsor’s biographical texts on the website and the free promotion of the Sponsor’s website in any media of the Sponsor’s choice.

The above excludes cases of unforeseen weather conditions due to natural disasters caused by Climate Change.

Time of artistic constraction of the ANDRIANT: 8 – 12 months



The Benefactor shall send his/her texts and photo, if he/she so wishes, in English or in any other language he/she wishes, digitally to:

Duration of the guaranteed period of retention of the Beneficiary’s biographical data on the website: HEPTAPOLIS – MARBLE BIBLE OF BENEFACTORS – SPONSORS: 100 years starting from the date of posting of the Benefactor’s biography on the website, at sublink: MARBLE BIBLE OF BENEFACTORS – SPONSORS.


The cost of each Andriant and the way of payment are described in detail on the special page of each Andriant.

Choose the andriant you wish to administer
and find out about the cost of sponsorship and how to pay