“PETRES” are made of marble material, with dimensions 100cm X 61,8cm (golden section).

Their colour is grey, the names of the Sponsors are carved on the marble, while the code on the upper left side of «PETRAS», is a search code on the website which refers to the Sponsor’s biography in Greek and English.

Every «PETRA» costs 333 + 333 + 333 = 999 euros.

The cost includes the engraving of the texts “name, surname or title of the Sponsor, professional status, city and country where the Sponsor is based, year of acceptance of the sponsorship and the code number of «PETRAS»“.

Also, the cost includes the publication of the Sponsor’s biography on the website ” in the category “MARBLE BOOK OF SPONSORS – BENEFICIARIES”, for a confirmed stay of 99 years.

In case the Sponsor wants to engrave on «PETRA» the design of a logo (University – Business – Foundation etc.) the cost is included in the amount of 999 euros.

«PETRES» will be placed in a special storage warehouse in the Municipality of Levades, near the Municipality of Delphi where Heptapolis will be built. Storage costs are included in the amount of 999 euros.

The placement of each «Petras», on the walls of Heptapolis will take place during the construction of the walls of Heptapolis. The cost of the placement of «Petras» on the walls of Heptapolis for the employment is 333 euros, included in the amount of 999 euros and will be paid during the placement period..

On the website, «Petra» with the name and status of the Sponsor, as well as his/her biography will be listed after the deposit of his/her sponsorship money in the special account of Heptapolis. ……………………………………………

The time of stay of «Petras» in the walls of Heptapolis is a minimum of 99 years, with the right to renew the time of stay on the walls, with a low financial charge for each subsequent 99 years.


“Heptapolis” consists of 7 zones.

Each zone has a length of about 720 metres and a wall height of 3 + 7 = 10 metres.

The numbering of the zones starts from left to right, from the “Gate of Light”.

The rows are numbered from left to right and from bottom to top.

In the number of series of “PETRES”, the Sponsor will have the opportunity, from the first month of his payment, to see his own “PETRA” in three-dimensional representation, as it will be placed on the walls of the built Eptapolis.


“PETRES” cost 333 + 333 + 333 + 333 = 999 euros, for any University, or Academy, or Society, or organization, or citizen of the world wishing to become a Heptapolis Sponsor.

Every “PETRAS” sponsorship is a tribute to the Principles of Solidarity, Respect, Coexistence and Peace among the peoples of the Earth.