They consist of a marble surface, measuring 50cm X 31 cm (Golden Section ratio).

Their colour is grey, the names of the sponsors are carved on the marble, while the code on the upper left side of the «PLAKAS», is a search code on the website that refers to the Sponsor’s CV in Greek and English.

Each «PLAKA» 50 cm X 31 cm costs 333 euro.

The cost includes the engraving of the texts “name, surname or title of the Sponsor, professional status, city and country where the Sponsor is based, year of acceptance of the sponsorship and the code number of the «PLAKA»“.

Also, the cost includes the publication of the sponsor’s biography on the website ” in the category “MARBLE BOOK OF SPONSORS – BENEFACTORS”.

The Sponsor may additionally, without charge, include in the graving of the «PLAKA» the design of a coat of arms (University – Business – Foundation, etc.).

The maintenance of the engraved letters on the «PLAKES» is borne by the Heptapolis company.

The «PLAKES» θwill be placed in a special storage warehouse in the Municipality of Livadia, near the Municipality of Delphi where Heptapolis will be built.

Τhe placement of each «PLAKAS», in the streets and interiors of Heptapolis will take place during the construction period of the Heptapolis projects.

The cost of installing the «PLAKA» on the floor is 99 euros for labour, which will be paid upon special notice to the Sponsor 15 days before the day of installation of the «PLAKA».

At the website, the«PLAKA»with the name and status of the Sponsor, as well as his/her resume will be posted within 10 days of the deposit of his/her sponsorship money and the receipt of his/her resume.

The residence time of the «PLAKA» on the streets and floors of Heptapolis, is a minimum of 99 years, with the right to renew the time of stay on the floors, with a low financial charge for each subsequent 99 years.


The “PLAKES” are located in 25 floor zones of Heptapolis.

Each floor zone has its own code number so that the Sponsor can easily discover the placement of “PLAKAS” in the squares and streets of Heptapolis.

The zone at the Gate of Light (floor zone No 23) is subject to specific sizes and specific costings to be communicated in the near future.

The zones within the floors of the building complexes are subject to specific sizes and specific costings which will be communicated in the near future.

The Sponsor of the «PLAKΑS», has the opportunity, from the first month of payment, to see on the floors of the digital Heptapolis, the exact position of his “PLAKA” when the “Heptapolis” is built.


The «PLAKES» cost 333 euros for any University, or Academy, or Society, or organization, or citizen of the world wishing to become a sponsor of Heptapolis.

Kings and commoners, rich and poor, money magnates and workers, young and old, men and women, all together, one name next to the other, will create for the first time in the world a unique phenomenon of “coexistence of the peoples of the Earth” in the streets and squares of Heptapolis.

Every “PLAKAS” sponsorship is a tribute to the Principles of Solidarity, Respect, Coexistence and Peace among the peoples of the Earth.

The 25 Floor Zones
to locate “PLAKES”