We have read and agree to the Sponsorship Terms for “DELPHIC MAXIMS”
which are an integral part of this Application.


Cost of construction of Delphic Maxim: 60.000 €

(The cost includes the overall marble design and decoration of the Maxims, the engraving of the texts relating to the Tribute, its storage in the Heptapolis warehouse and the registration of the Sponsor’s biography in 2 languages in the Marble Book of Benefactors – Sponsors).

The storage area of each Delphic Maxim: Municipality of Levadeon – Delphi

Time of construction of the Delphic Maxim:
Within 4 – 5 months from the date of filing the APPLICATION

Time of placement of the Delphic Maxim within Heptapolis:
It will be identified and communicated to the Sponsor within the year 2025.

Duration of the guaranteed period of stay of each Delphic Maxim within Heptapolis:
100 years from the date of placement of the Order, with the right of the Sponsor to renew the stay indefinitely (except in cases of force majeure: Natural Disasters, War, Acts of Terrorism)

Duration of the guaranteed period of the Sponsor’s biographical data on the website:
100 years starting from the date of posting of the Sponsor’s biography.


The total cost of each sponsorship includes:

The cost of construction of the Art Project, Petras, or Plakas.

The cost of the construction of the pedestal supporting the Art Project with engraved inscription of the Sponsor’s data.

The packaging and transportation of the Art Project to the warehouse of the Municipality of Levadeon.

The transfer of the Art Project from the Municipality of Levades to HEPTAPOLIS.

The placement of the Art Project in the selected permanent installation site, including the technical and crane support of the project.

The installation of the Work of Art in the HEPTAPOLIS site, insured for the first 100 years, and its survival over the centuries in the site of the installation.

Rental coverage of the Art Project’s installation space for the first 100 years.

The preservation of the Art Project from the impacts of weather conditions or illegal human interventions, for the first 100 years.

The installation on the page www.heptapolis.com at sublink “MARMARINE BIBLE OF SPONSORS-BENEFACTORS”, of the biography of the Sponsor up to 333 words, in two languages, one of which is chosen by the Sponsor.

The indefinite retention, with a minimum period of the first 100 years, of the Sponsor’s biographical texts on the website www.heptapolis.com and the free promotion of the Sponsor’s website in any media of the Sponsor’s choice.

The above excludes cases of unforeseen weather conditions due to natural disasters caused by Climate Change.

Time of artistic production of the DELPHIC MAXIM: 8 – 12 months



The amount of 60.000 euros shall be paid as follows:
Advance 30%: 18.000 euros,
After the execution of the marble Tribute and its approval by the Sponsor 30%: 18.000 euros
After the placement of the Tribute in the Heptapolis site 40%: 24.000 euros


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